Physiotherapy – FAQ

Physiotherapy – Frequently Asked Questions

Will physiotherapy hurt my pet?

Physiotherapy is all about relaxation and improving quality of life – nothing we do is painful. We are guided by your pets comfort levels as to how much we are able to do. Many of the pieces of equipment we use are designed to help relax as well, such as our Class 4 laser that has a warm, soothing massage effect.

Can I claim for my pets physiotherapy from my insurance?

Most insurers cover up to 10 sessions of complementary therapy or will give you a ‘pot’ of money to claim up to therefore Physiotherapy is claimable. We require payment up front at each treatment but we will be able to help you fill in your insurance claim form to claim this back providing it is covered in your individual policy.

Do I need a referral from my vet?

Before we can treat any patient we must have a veterinary referral. We can help arrange all of this so please contact us directly so that we can organise this with you as swiftly as possible.