Gabriel was diagnosed with Bicep tendinitis. This is a very painful condition and it made moving about very difficult for him. After seeing one of the Physiotherapists at Bromsgrove Canine Hydrotherapy they recommended a course of Laser therapy.

Gabriel absolutely loves his therapy and always has a smile when the girls turn up. He has been having treatments for a while now and his lameness and pain has dramatically improved. His owner Fi had the following to say:

“Emily & Janine have been treating my big boy Gabe (still my Baby Gabe even though he is 7 years old!) for Tendonitis in his shoulder. As with most of us I assume, I was a little sceptical as to whether it would help. Desperate to get him well we embarked on a course of laser treatments which have been amazing!!! He loves the girls, loves his treatment & is doing fabulously well. The girls are passionate about animals & what they do & they do it so well! Gabe lies on the sofa at home totally relaxed for his treatment & they are just so lovely to both my boys. Don’t just think about trying this treatment, just do it, you will be so glad you did. To see my fur baby walking without a limp & pain free is worth every single (reasonably priced!) penny. From Baby Gabe, Cooper pup & Fi we can’t thank you enough.”

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