Terms & Conditions

Terms & conditions

All Patient wishing to undergo Laser therapy MUST have a Veterinary referral form filled in and signed. Accordance to section 19 and 20 of the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 all injured animals must only be treated via veterinary referral

Treatment fee’s are payable at the time of treatment. Cash, card and cheque are all accepted payment methods.

Some insurance companies may cover the cost of Laser therapy treatment. Please check with your individual insurance company as to whether this is covered. Worcestershire Animal Therapy can not do direct claims but can provide itemized invoices for the individual to claim costs back.

There is no cancellation fee. Only the request to inform Worcestershire Animal therapy as soon as possible.

Worcestershire Animal therapy reserves the right to refuse to treat any patient that is likely to cause harm to the therapist or with any contagious conditions.

Clients will be fully informed of the risks involved with the therapy, whilst all care is taken to provide the safest treatment all patients do so at their own risk.

By Booking a treatment with Worcestershire Animal therapy the above terms and conditions are agreed.

Further Important points to note

  • The success of laser treatment is not guaranteed and each case is different.
  • After a laser session on a joint the pet may appear to be stiffer the next day due to the cumulative effects of the laser.
  • Laser will not cure any chronic condition but will assist in pain management.

Please inform the therapist if any of these points are applicable to your pet: 

  • To my knowledge my pet is not pregnant.
  • To my knowledge my pet has no clinical diagnosis of any cancerous growths or malignancies.
  • My pet has not been injected with any medications for example vaccines.
  • I have not applied any medications in the forms of creams, gels etc which contain steroids or any medications known to be photosensitive to light/laser.
  • My pet has no active hemorrhaging lesions.
  • My pet is CURRENTLY UNDER treatment from a veterinary surgeon and I have gained their permission  to try laser therapy.